Why Your Garage Door Detached From Its Garage Tracks

Your garage door might seem like a fairly simple mechanism. A motor starts the opening and closing process. This process is aided by the garage door springs. Yet a lot of other components have to come into play in order for your garage door to work. But when the components break down, your garage door will not work as it should. A common problem is your door coming off its garage tracks. This article will talk about why this may happen.

Bent Garage Tracks

The track must always remain oriented in order for it to work correctly. For this to happen, the track uses rollers that projects from both sides. The rollers sit inside a curved track that’s mounted to the door frame. As the door goes up, the track makes sure that the door works as it should.

Tracks can get damaged by getting bent out of shape. Minor damage may not affect the track that much. But if the track gets excessively bent, then your door will malfunction. The garage rollers might even pop off the track.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Your garage door might use either extension springs or a torsion spring. If the torsion spring breaks, the door will malfunction, but your door may still sit on the tracks. This allows you to operate your door manually. This may not be true if you have an extension spring that is broken.

Your door’s extension springs sit on either side of the frame. If a spring breaks, your door may still work. However, it may not function without it making a lot of noise. Since the lifting power of your door will only work on one of its sides, your door will only lift at an angle. This causes stress on the track. If your door is both angled and working on a bent track, the rollers could end up popping off of its track.

Why You Should Call a Technician

Taking on the task of fixing a bent track or broken springs can get dangerous very quickly. Messing around garage door equipment that you’re not familiar with could result in very serious injuries. For this reason, you should call in your expert in garage door repairs in Long Beach for the job. These trained professionals can fix the issue and give you back a working garage door.