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Can Garage Door Insulation Be Replaced?

As a homeowner, one of your most important responsibilities involves keeping your home in functional order. This is especially true for the garage door, which is used quite a lot, even within smaller families. But is a door’s insulation able to be repaired if damaged or worn out? Read on to learn about this part of the garage door and why you may be able to repair it.

Common Garage Door Insulation Damages

One of the most common reasons why garage door insulation would need to be repaired is due to damage occurring to the door panels for whatever reason. Fortunately, there is an easy way to repair the damaged insulation, especially if they are made out of fiberglass. Simply grab a straight-edge knife and begin to cut out the damaged insulation. Grab your new (already measured) panel and insert it into the missing section. Note that you must apply residual glue to the area and have pressure applied to it until it settles. Pressure should be applied for about five minutes.

Extensive Damage

In some cases, the door and insulation damage will be too extensive for a simple DIY project. The same process (stated above) could be taken, but it would take much longer and may be costlier. If this seems a little too daunting to take on, you may seek the services of a garage door repairs Long Beach company to ensure that a proper replacement is performed.