How to React After a Garage Door Window Breaks

Windows can add class and sophistication to your garage door. However, they can also become a safety hazard when they break. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you take steps in a timely manner to ensure that the window is repaired and that the door doesn’t experience any further damage.

Sweep Glass and Other Debris Into a Trash Can

Garage door windows can leave glass shards of varying sizes on your garage floor or driveway after they break or shatter. It is important that you get rid of the glass as soon as possible to prevent a family member or pet from getting glass stuck in a hand, foot or other body parts. Getting rid of glass quickly can also prevent a car or bike tire from getting punctured. After you finish sweeping up glass, call a company that can perform a garage door repair in Long Beach for assistance.

It May Be Necessary to Cover Garage Door Windows With Plastic or Cardboard

In some cases, a garage door professional will be able to get to your house in a matter of minutes. However, there is also a chance that you won’t be able to get service for several hours or until the following day. Covering a broken window pane with plastic, cardboard or some other sturdy material can help to keep wind, rain and debris out of the garage. It may also help to prevent pests or rodents from sneaking into this space.

Fixing a Broken Window Shouldn’t Take Too Long

Although you’ll want a broken garage door window fixed quickly, the good news is that it is a relatively easy fix to make. Therefore, it is unlikely to cause a significant interruption to your day. It is also important to note that a broken window generally won’t prevent you from opening or closing the door itself.