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Should I Look at Torsion or Extension Openers?

Over the years, the way a garage door functions have changed. Some would say it has changed for the better while others see it as a step back. Nevertheless, the options of both torsion and extension openers have become very popular. This, however, has caused a lot of confusion amongst homeowners who simply want to choose the one that will get the job done. Therefore, the following includes a detailed comparison of both extension and torsion springs.

Extension Openers

So what, exactly, are extension springs? Extension tension springs are located on the sides of your garage rather than overhead. In order to open and close the door, they use the extension pressure to lift the door and bring it down carefully. These have been the traditional route for many years. However, what has made homeowners changed their minds on the extension option is the lack of durability and the number of components needed to make it function. Since the extend so often, they are more likely to show wear and tear faster than what most homeowners like it to be. In addition, they can severely hurt someone if they suddenly snap. Therefore, people often seek the services of a company that provides garage door repairs in Long Beach to ensure a proper replacement.

Torsion Springs

Unlike the extension option, torsion springs acquire energy through the motion of twisting rather than extending. In addition, torsion springs will be located right above the garage door. This has become a popular option for homeowners throughout the years because it provides a much more durable type of component that won’t deteriorate so easily. In terms of components, the torsion makeup is pretty simple and does not require too much work if installed for the first time. Lastly, safety with torsion springs is much better due to their ability to gather energy through a twisting motion rather than a high-pressure extension.