The Garage Door Is a Forgotten Security Weakness

Every year, huge numbers of homeowners spend thousands of dollars increasing the security of their home. This can include alarm systems, internet-enabled smart locks, motion sensors, and security cameras. However, there is one aspect of most homes that is often forgotten: the garage door.

For many reasons, the garage door can be a surprisingly easy target in the event of a break-in. A large concern for even the toughest garage door is that locking mechanisms for garage doors are often outdated, weak, or easy to bypass. Further, even if the locking mechanism is sufficient, the structure of the door itself can leave it vulnerable to attacks and break-ins. Luckily, these problems have simple and effective solutions.

Reinforce or Replace the Door

Due to the physical size of most garage doors, many manufacturers fail to take the proper precautions to ensure their structural integrity. Especially for garage doors of older homes, even a simple hammer can often result in a complete failure of a door. However, this can be a straightforward issue to mitigate for a company that specializes in Long Beach garage door repairs. There are garage door reinforcement kits that can be installed to strengthen the door and help it to resist any physical intrusion. Barring this, modern garage doors are much stronger than their older counterparts. Thus, if your garage door is showing its age, there may be multiple reasons to upgrade.

Make Sure the Bottom Seals Properly for Security

It is crucial to make sure that the bottom of your garage door develops a proper seal with the ground. This necessity goes beyond security concerns. An improperly sealed door can cause heat loss while allowing animals and debris into your home. But perhaps the worst side effect of an improperly fitted door is that it often makes it trivial for an intruder to access the door’s mechanism and open it. This does not necessarily mean you need a new door. A skilled technician will be able to advise you on proper adjustment or replacement to ensure your door is safe and secure.