3 Tips on Lighting Your Home’s Garage

Garages can be used for a number of reasons. Some may simply choose to use it as extra storage space for unwanted items. Others might choose to utilize the space as a workshop for their hobby. No matter your reason, lighting is the one thing that will determine how well your space is utilized. Here are some tips when choosing your garage lighting.

Don’t Rely on Overhead Garage Lighting Alone

Garage spaces were not built to be used for one thing only. Therefore, it is important to understand that all areas need their own type of lighting. Your parking space can simply use an overhead fluorescent tube light to help you determine where to stop your vehicle. This service is often overseen by professionals who can perform a Long Beach garage door installation. However, when it comes to other areas of your garage, you might need to choose a different form of lighting. For example, in your workspace, it is highly recommended to utilize task lighting fixtures. These include caged lighting, which allows you to perform any task without the fear of breaking a lightbulb. They are also convenient as they can be moved from area to area within your workspace.

Avoid Traditional Bulbs

Garage lights are used more than people think. Backing out, coming in, and your workshop can take up a lot of energy. This, of course, leads to constantly changing light bulbs and a high electric bill. We are assuming that you don’t want to constantly be changing bulbs or paying a high garage energy bill. One way to around this issue is to purchase LED garage lights rather than traditional bulbs. Not only do they provide you with longer-lasting usage, but they can also cost you less on your energy bill, not to mention the money you will be saving on bulbs.

Natural Light

If you’re in the middle of a remodeling job, one way to save on energy and still receive plenty of light is to incorporate natural light into your garage. This can be easily accomplished by adding large windows or a skylight to the top of your garage.