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A bright blue vacation home with white garage door

The Best Garage Designs for Vacation Rentals

Having a vacation home can be a great thing for yourself and the family. It provides you with a destination that is truly yours each and every summer. However, vacation homes, when not in use, can get quite expensive. This is why so many owners choose to rent it out. When you do this, you are going to need to upgrade a few areas. One of the most common and important to upgrade includes the garage. Thus the following includes information regarding the types of designs that would be best implemented into your particular vacation rental.

Beach Vacation Rentals

One of the more popular vacation homes that people tend to invest in are beach vacation rentals. Not only do they provide the owners with a great location to have each summer, but the beach location is a year-round attraction and thus easier to rent out. However, because of the proximity to the saltwater from the ocean, you are going to need a specific type of garage and garage door. As you may know, metal and wood are not the best materials for a beachside garage door. Therefore, the best option to go with is aluminum or fiberglass material. These are still very durable materials that will protect the garage’s interior and resist being damaged by the saltwater. Note that if there are is any past damage due to the wrong door being used, it is recommended to seek the services of a garage door repair Long Beach company to ensure that your new door functions properly.

Vacation Home in the Woods

Another very popular location for rentals includes those located within the forest. In this case, not only does the garage door matter but also the interior. First, let’s begin with your door. To keep in line with the forest theme, you are going to want to add a wooden garage door. Not only are they extremely durable, but it will make your property that much more attractive. Next includes the interior design of the garage. Adding multiple storage areas such as lofts can greatly increase the number of items that your renters can bring.