Long Beach garage door

Latest Trends for Long Beach Garage Door Curb Appeal

Your Long Beach garage door can be the face of your home, although most people fail to pay much attention. You can customize your door to show your taste and compliment your home’s aesthetics. Garage doors have come a long way since the twentieth century.

Earlier doors had creaky hinges and weak screws. From there, they have evolved to protect our homes and increase their aesthetic value. We have seen the rise of fall of various styles and the use of different materials. Here are some trends for Long Beach garage door.

Bold Colors Make Your Long Beach Garage Door Pop

Adding bold colors to your garage makes a bold statement about your personality and style. You can contrast your garage door with your home landscape to add style, strength, and a welcome feeling to your home. You can try out light-colored paint jobs like bright blue that will last through the various seasons. Other colors you can try out include dark green, bright red, and black or charcoal grey.

If you are not sure about light colors, you can opt for bold earthly tones. These include deep asparagus, mind sage, cloudy grey, terracotta, and muted dusty mauves. The garage door is slowly moving away from the classic white and beige to new bold colors that bring out the owner’s personality.

Earthly colors include a wide variety of options that can also complement your brick colors. This can go well for people with older homes as they can easily incorporate a bold earthly tone in their garage door without significant renovations. Want to make a bolder statement? Try matte black with shades of white and grey. This will keep your door bold yet straightforward and a way to express your personality using external flair.

If your exterior landscape features darker accents, you can paint your garage doors with light-colored panels such as sky blue or light yellow.

High-end Technology

With numerous innovations in technology, g arage doors have not been left behind. Installing the latest technology to your Long Beach garage door is a trend that is quickly picking up. It includes remote-controlled openers and new and innovative smart garage technology that can automate essential garage functions.

You can integrate sensors in your garage door to detect your car as it approaches the door and automatically opens and closes after parking. Other smart features include smartphone-controlled openers that can wirelessly sync with your garage door. You will also receive real-time updates each time your garage opens and closes, further enhancing your security. This feature has a scheduling capability that allows you to set times for the garage to open and close and give you remote access to your garage door. This means that you can provide access to a guest, a pet, kids, or a family member who may have forgotten their keys even when you are not at home.

Eco-Friendly Long Beach Garage Doors

Eco-friendly garage doors are stylish and help you to connect with mother nature. They can help you enhance your exterior features, lower your maintenance costs, and lower energy bills. Overall, sustainability is a trend that is quickly catching on. You can manage your energy usage efficiently by making sure your garage door manages climate control appropriately. Garage door insulation is measured by its R-value, which is defined as the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. Insulating your garage door properly with an insulating material with a high R-Value will increase the insulating power of your door.

If you have a detached garage with insulated walls, ensure that your material has an R-Value of 10 and above. However, if you do not have insulted walls or live in an area with a temperate climate, you can use a material with an R-value of six and below. The attached garages require insulating material with an R-Value of 12 and higher, especially if there are rooms above.

Vintage Styles for Long Beach Garage Doors

As the saying goes, old is gold. Classic rustic trends to your garage will give it a high-class look and add an old-world feel. This trend has people leaning towards old garage door styles while incorporating modern elements. A good example is carriage doors with enduring aesthetics that can add style and personality to your home.

Fiberglass is slowly replacing wood since it does not warp, crack or rot but wood is still a durable material that gives a warm appeal. This old-school material will add a vintage style that presents durable and excellent craftsmanship. Fiberglass is affordable, lightweight, and easy to maintain and offers a throwback look. You can also incorporate antique-style decorative elements that will further enhance your garage door look.

Carriage doors can add a classic look and more style and increase your curb appeal while maintaining quality. If you are looking to add personality to your exterior or have a brick home, you can use old-fashioned accents.

Maximizing Utility

New garage door styles have great designs and maximize utility. Early door designs were obtrusive, bulky, ugly, and most people despised big doors. New garage trends are with bold colors and tasteful accents and maximized utilities, making people reconsider their bigger garage doors. Your garage door should be the same size as your current vehicle and new vehicles you plan to buy in the future.

Your new garage door should offer functionality, style and match your lifestyle. You can use your garage to store your vehicle, as a workshop, or even as a recreational area. A Long Beach garage door installation can have windows that will allow natural light and increase fresh air in your garage.

New garage door trends should cater to your needs with a blend of sleek functionality and timeless fashion. Upgrading your garage door will help you achieve your dream house.