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An old and worn vintage garage door

Vintage Garage? Save These Furnishings Before You Tear Down

If you’ve come to the point where your vintage garage is simply not getting the job done, then you know it’s time for an upgrade. However, you may also feel bad for tearing down such an amazing piece of work. As the saying goes, they don’t make them like they used to. The good news is that you don’t have to get rid of the entire structure. The following includes a list of garage components that you can save and even restore for later use.

Vintage Garage Strap Hinges, Latches & Pulls

When you have your Long Beach garage door repair company install your door, you may see them use modern components to ensure that your door is properly locked and can lift itself. However, at one point in history, the garage door would often need things such as hinges, latches, and pulls to do the job. You can actually save these amazing cast iron components and use them, instead, as decorative pieces. Not only are you saving a piece of history, but it adds a touch of elegance to your modern door.

Lighting Wall Sconces

Unfortunately, today’s lighting hardware is often created with the bulb’s power in mind rather than the actual frame of it. Yes, this provides you with better lighting, but it also removes the uniqueness that a classic garage usually features. The good news is that these can be saved as well. Simply take the time to remove any rust or discoloration from it, and you’ll have incredibly looking sconces to add to your new door.

Garage Windows

Even today, windows used for a garage door will need to be custom made. You can repurpose the existing windows and add them to your new garage door. However, it is recommended to conduct a cleanup of the glass before installing it onto your new door.