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Garage Door Maintenance Steps to Take After a Burglary

You may experience a variety of emotions after finding out that someone entered your home without your permission. However, it is important to focus on repairing your garage door and taking other steps to protect your home and your family from being victimized again.

Repairing Your Garage Door Can Provide Peace of Mind

Repairing your garage door in the aftermath of a burglary can give you some peace of mind that your home will be safe to live in again. Ideally, you will mitigate any weaknesses that could have allowed someone to open your garage door or otherwise gain entry into your garage. For instance, you may decide to install new combination locks or get a door that doesn’t have windows on it. It may also be a good idea to add a lock that uses a thumbprint to open or close the door.

Prevent Anything Else From Entering Your Home

A home that doesn’t have a garage door could be vulnerable to pests looking for an easy way to get into your home. It can also increase the likelihood that broken glass, leaves or other debris find its way into your garage and your home. Ideally, you will contact a contractor that offers garage door repairs in Long Beach as soon as possible to put up a new door.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It may be a good idea to contact your insurance company after your home has been vandalized. In some cases, a homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the cost of a new garage door and other repairs caused by a home invasion. A homeowners’ policy may also cover pest or water damage that occurred because your house had no garage door.