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When Should You Replace Your Garage’s Weather Stripping?

Garage insulation is meant to protect your belongings and the garage itself. You should know the signs that it’s time to replace this type of weather stripping.

The Role of Garage Insulation

Garage insulation serves as weather stripping for your garage. It is crucial in keeping your vehicle and belongings at a moderate temperature and is especially important if your garage directly connects to your house. If it begins to erode, it won’t function as intended. Weather stripping is often overlooked, but it’s essential.

Weather and Debris Problems

Your garage insulation has the main purpose of keeping the garage door sealed so that weather elements and debris cannot penetrate the interior. When there’s a problem with the weather stripping, debris from outside can easily seep inside and damage your car and other belongings.

Damage to Metal Objects

Because the natural weather elements can get inside when your garage insulation begins to erode, moisture from rain can cause metal objects inside to rust. This is a sure sign that you need to change the weather stripping and is something to keep in mind when you get Long Beach garage door installation.

Appearance of Animals

When animals other than your pets begin appearing inside your garage, it’s a sign you need to change the garage insulation. When it wears down, it gives them a place to enter where they can make a new home. Wild animals, like birds or squirrels, should not be able to get inside if you have the stripping replaced.

Drafty Interior

When you notice a constant draft in your garage, it’s a bad sign for more than just the items you store in there. It can also raise your utility bills. Fresh weather stripping can prevent this problem from occurring and keep your garage at a better temperature no matter what the season.

When you notice these issues with your garage insulation and address them, your entire family will be more comfortable physically and psychologically.