What Weatherstripping Does for a Garage

If you want your air conditioning unit to maintain its efficiency and for water to be kept out of the garage, you should heavily consider adding weatherstripping to your garage door. This is an easy addition to make that will provide you with many tangible benefits. Weatherstripping is simple to install and is fairly inexpensive, which means that there’s no reason not to install weatherstripping materials around the openings of your garage door.

What Benefits Does Garage Door Weatherstripping Provide?

Garage door weatherstripping involves sealing the cracks of the garage door with long and thin strips of material, which can keep any outside elements from getting into the garage. These materials can be positioned at the bottom, top, or sides of the door. Weatherstripping is beneficial at all times of the year. During the warm summer months, weatherstripping is able to keep cool air inside your home. Throughout the winter months, these materials will make sure that rain and water are kept out of your garage. The primary benefits associated with weatherstripping include flood protection and improved insulation for the garage.

Types of Weatherstripping Available to You

If you’re shopping for weatherstripping to add to your garage door, there are a variety of soft and hard materials that can be used for such an application. The most commonly used weatherstripping material is made from a hard shell but a more flexible interior. If you select plastic garage door weatherstripping, this material is resistant to corrosion. As for metal, it’s a durable material that should last for a long time.

How Weatherstripping Is Installed

While the installation of weatherstripping may seem like an easy task, it’s actually complicated for most homeowners. It’s highly recommended that you have your weatherstripping professionally installed to make sure that it’s accurately aligned. If not, the movement of your garage door could be thrown off track. When a professional in Long Beach garage door repair installs the weatherstripping, the entire job should be completed in under 30 minutes.