Troubleshooting Tips for Garage Doors That Won’t Open

A Long Beach garage door installation is a great way for you to add value to your home with a new garage door design. New garage doors can make your house look great, but you need to know how to troubleshoot them.

A New Garage Door Should Be Tested

You should ask your installer to test a new garage door for you. You need to know how to test the garage doors on your own, and you should use these tips to check the doors if you think they are not working properly. Also, you should stop using the doors if you think they are broken.

How Does a New Garage Door Work?

Your garage doors are attached to a rail that pulls the doors up and down. The doors have wheels on a track that will slide back and forth. However, any damage in the system could make the doors stop working. Because of this, you need to check your garage doors at least once a week.

If you see dents on the track, they need to be fixed. If the rail is not level, you need to get the opener fixed. Moreover, you need to get the panels repaired if they are dented and do not unfold properly.

Does the Styling Impact Its Functionality?

Your garage door design impacts the function of the doors. Normal garage doors pull up and down, but you might have a garage door that rolls up. When this is the case, the door does not use traditional tracks and wheels. If you have a French-style door, you need a completely different opener. You must inspect these systems once a week, report any problems to your installer, and stop using the doors.

Plus, you can check the sensors at the base of each door. If they are not aligned, the doors will not open properly.