garage door repair long beach

garage door repair long beach

Most people have automatic garage door openers on their property, which can fail to open and close if the battery dies or the electricity shuts off. You may still need to access the garage while waiting for the issue to be fixed, which makes it necessary to learn how to open and close the feature manually. Here are a few steps to follow to complete the task.


Locate the Red Cord

Begin by disconnecting the garage door opener. You’ll then need to find a ladder and locate the red cord that hangs from the bracket on the chain. If there are two cords present, opt for pulling on the right cord and use a good amount of strength to pull the lever down. You can then grab the door with both hands and pull down slowly. If the door still doesn’t budge, you’ll need to pull down on the red cord again. Most doors open easily if the springs are in good condition, but they will require the services of a professional who specializes in garage door repair in long beach if they’re damaged and the door is stuck. If the door is stuck in the open position, avoid pulling the bypass cord, which will cause the door to crash down.


Avoid Letting Go of the Door

Avoid letting go of the door once it’s off of the ground, which can make it at risk of falling down quickly and without warning. You can prop the door open with an object like a cinder block or a piece of wood. Consider having someone else help you with the door to avoid any accidents or injuries.


Lock the Door

Many people forget to lock the garage door after they manually close it, which can increase your risk of theft or a break-in. A sturdy metal lock should be present on the side of the door near the tracks, which can slide to the left to prevent the door from opening or closing from the outside until the automatic feature is working.