Tips to Fixing a Garage Door That Opens Slowly

Due to the many mechanisms and parts that are used to keep garage doors functional, the feature is prone to developing a few issues at times. There may be a time when residents notice that the garage door is taking longer than normal to open. If the feature isn’t opening or closing as quickly as it once did, there are a few important tips you’ll want to follow to restore its function.

Lubricate the Parts

One of the most common causes of garage doors opening too slow is due to parts that are having difficulty moving back and forth. You’ll need to lubricate the parts to ensure they move at a faster pace and also prevent them from wearing down as quickly over time. The tracks, brackets, and hinges are the main parts that need to be greased up to prevent them from working too hard to operate.

Service the Garage Door

Slow garage doors are a sign that you need the help of a professional technician who is qualified to perform Long beach garage door repairs. The expert will be capable of performing a thorough inspection of the parts to determine the source of the issue and fix it immediately. They can discover if any of the garage door parts have become damaged or if the battery is dying on the opener. You’ll also need to keep up on inspections every six months to prevent the issue from returning.

Check the Setting

An additional step to take is to check the setting on the garage door opener to ensure it’s at the right speed. Some garage doors include controls that may accidentally be adjusted and can cause the door to take longer than 20 seconds to open or close. The controls can be manually adjusted with a screw present that sets the speed. A flat-head screwdriver will need to be used to adjust the controls.