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What Goes Into a Garage Door Opener’s Horsepower Calculation?

When it comes to your garage, there is nothing more important than obtaining the correct garage door opener motor. The information needed to get that exact number can be gathered by taking into consideration a number of factors, often related to the garage door of your choosing. Therefore, the following list includes what horsepower calculations are needed to find the right opener for your particular garage door.

Factor Weight and Size into Your Horsepower Calculations

The last thing you want is to purchase an expensive door opener only to find out that it’s too weak to open your particular door. This is why it is so important to always factor in the weight and size of your garage door before anything else. For example, you may need additional horsepower if you are planning to open a double-door garage door or if the material used is made out of multiple layers. A standard door opener motor can be used for a lightweight aluminum door.

Your Budget

Perhaps the most important part of purchasing a motor for some homeowners is the initial cost of it. A lower horsepower opener will be much cheaper, but you are setting yourself up to replacing it that much sooner. If you’re unsure of your investment, you can always seek the professional advice of a Long Beach garage door repairs company.

Garage Door Components

Other than the garage door’s initial weight, you must also consider the components that provide the door with its durability and functionality. You want to make sure that your components aren’t working overtime to compensate for the lack of horsepower. Thus, it is paramount that you also understand the importance of having functional components before applying any new motors.