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What Are the Garage Sideroom and Backroom?

Perhaps the most important challenge you have when installing a new garage door is understanding exactly what size door you’re going to need. Get too small of a door, and your vehicles are going to be stuck outside for the time being. With too large a door, you’ll definitely spend more than you have to. So, how can you avoid these problems? The simple answer is, find the measurements of your garage sideroom and backroom. Read on to learn more about these two terms.

What Is the Garage Sideroom?

When it comes to choosing the right door for your garage, you’re going to need the exact measurements of your sideroom. But what exactly is the garage sideroom? This is the area to the side of the garage door. Another way of putting it is that the sideroom is the space between the side opening of the door and the wall right next to it. You need the measurements of this area to determine the size of tension springs you’re going to need. Tension springs are the component that helps maintain the garage door as it goes up and down.

What Is the Garage Backroom?

This will usually be the last measurement you or the Long Beach garage door repairs company you hired are going to need. The garage backroom is the distance from the entry point of your garage door to the back wall. Note that these measurements are going to be vastly different if you’re choosing to install a commercial garage door. If this is the case, then you need to add about 5 to 7 feet extra to the final measurement.

Additional Measurements

Finding the right measurements for your garage will also include the headroom. This is the distance from the center part of your garage to the nearest obstacle. These obstacles may include steel rods, piping, or air vents, to name a few.