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Calculating the Cost of a New Garage Door

The cost of a garage door can vary depending on how big it is and what type of material it is made from. As a general rule, the door itself will cost at least $250 while you can expect to spend another $200 to $500 to have it installed.

How to Determine the Cost of a Garage Door By Itself

As a general rule, steel, aluminum and other composite materials are less expensive than a garage door that is made from real wood. If you opt for a door that has fiberglass or another type of protective layer on it, you could spend $2,500 or more. However, aluminum and other metal doors will typically cost less than $1,000.

How Much Does a Door Cost to Install?

The cost of installing a door will also depend on several factors such as how big the door is or if the old door needs to be removed. If there are any complications along the way, that could increase the amount of money a company providing garage door installation in Long Beach may charge. Generally speaking, you will be provided with an estimate of how long the installation will take and what it will cost before work begins.

A New Door May Result in a Positive Return on Investment

In many cases, a new garage door will increase the value of your home by hundreds or thousands of dollars. Therefore, it may be worth the upfront investment that you will need to make to complete this home improvement project. A garage door company may be able to provide more information as to the potential benefits of putting a new garage door on your home.