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The garage door is created to be a durable part of your home. However, it will not remain strong if maintenance is not made a priority. The following includes information on just how many times you should have your door inspected.

When Should I Get a Garage Door Inspection?

Garage doors are, no doubt, one of the most convenient devices we use on a daily basis. However, in order for them to continue to provide us with such convenience, we as homeowners also need to understand the need to take care of them. This begins and ends with a garage door inspection. So how many times a year should bring in someone to look at your garage door? Read on to learn important information regarding the frequency and what you can do between inspections.

How Often Should I Schedule a Garage Door Inspection?

Most experts in the field agree that the best way to maintain a functional garage door is to have it inspected at least twice a year. Now, when should you have these inspections done? Snow, water, and freezing temperatures can cause serious damage to your door, so it is important to have at least one of them done before the winter months. For those living within warmer temperatures, the summer months should be your focus as they can also cause components to weaken. If you’ve never had an inspection done on your garage door, then you may seek the services of a Long Beach garage door repair company to receive the best possible information on the inspection process.


Having yearly inspections on your home is a great thing, but you shouldn’t avoid it for the rest of the year. Take the time each month to do some minor maintenance on your door. This may include removing debris from your tracking system to have a balanced door. You should also take the time to lubricate any metallic sounds you hear as they can quickly become a bigger problem if left unattended.