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Switching Styles on Your Long Beach Garage Door

The style of your Long Beach garage door changes how your place appears. Something stylish might draw constant attention. An older door could have the opposite effect. Anyone who has changed the style of his or her garage door understands the scope of such a project. Depending on how you approach them, these projects could be as large or small as you’d like. Simple switches don’t take all that much. However, a massive overhaul could be quite the undertaking. Either way, to get started, you need to take some measurements.

Measuring Your Long Beach Garage Door

Whatever you’d like to do with the garage, you’ll have to measure the space first. Using a ruler, jot down your garage’s precise dimensions, preferably to the nearest 10th of an inch. That figure ought to be precise enough for most craftsmen to work with.

Most upgrades require at least 6 inches of space above the garage door’s opening. If you’ve got less than that, finding something sensible becomes a bit tougher. We’d suggest looking at rollup doors as they take up a lot less space. Assuming you’ve got more than 6 inches of overhead space, your options become more plentiful.

Would You Like to Change How the Door Opens?

Garages may open in a few different ways. Most of them open vertically, riding along tracks. Other garages slide to the side or open outwardly. Both of these options require less overhead space than a traditional garage.

However, if you’d like something that slides, you’ll need at least 18 inches of space to the side. Less than that wouldn’t be enough room for a sliding door. At the same time, for an outwardly opening door, space in front of the garage becomes a necessity.

So judging by experience, try visualizing how each of these options would work. Most who undertake a Long Beach garage door installation without any consideration find that they don’t fit as well as they’d thought.

Could You Use the Current Door’s Hardware?

On some occasions, your preexisting hardware might provide a solid foundation, limiting how much you’ll need to spend for an upgrade. By using whatever is already there, professionals can build upon those foundations without you having to break the bank.

Anyone who’d rather spend as little as possible ought to consider using anything that’s already there. For example, a fresh coat of varnish could reinvigorate your garage door. Not to mention, the cost of varnish tends to be quite minimal next to that of a brand-new Long Beach garage door.

A Double Panel Door Might Insulate the Space Better

Let’s say you’d like to minimize how much you’ll spend on utility bills during the winter. Had you done more research the first time, you never would’ve installed a single-panel door. Single panels don’t insulate your property all that well, letting air leak out of them like water leaks out of an unsealed barrel.

Replacing doors with something thicker could prevent such an excessive heating bill. To do that, you need to remove anything that’s already installed. So once the door has been removed, you can put something thicker in its place.

Professionals don’t recommend tackling this type of Long Beach garage door installation alone as the doors can be titanic for a single person to handle. Instead, let somebody whose back is in better shape pick up wherever you left off.

Sometimes, Functional Matters Limit What’s Possible

Almost all garages have a motor hanging from the roof towards the back of the room. When you have it opened, these engines generate the power responsible for lifting the garage door. Now, in some places, space is at a premium, preventing the garage motor’s installation.

If you find yourself in such circumstances, consult with someone who has experience. Typical garage motors must have enough space for them to operate. Certain motors might offer a solution as they don’t take as much space. However, to learn more about them, you’d need to speak with whoever originally installed your Long Beach garage door.

When in Doubt, Speak to Someone Who Has Experience With Long Beach Garage Doors

Maybe those carriage styles have caught your eye. In any case, to change how your garage looks, you’ll need someone who can help you tackle the project. By speaking to experienced professionals, nothing should bother you for long. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Their experience only serves its purpose if it’s used in the right way. After having them answer questions, letting them work on your garage shouldn’t be an issue. Whatever your garage should look like should be discussed with whoever is doing the job.

Sleek and slender, your new style will demand people’s attention, drawing crowds that stare in wonder.