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Living near water has its benefits. But it has drawbacks, too. One is salt. Salt exposure is unavoidable if you live in a coastal area. However, it doesn’t have to destroy your property. One part of your home that can suffer from salt exposure is the garage door. A garage door has many moving parts that can become worn out more rapidly than they should from exposure to salt. This can mean that you end up replacing your garage door sooner than expected. It can also pose a safety risk, as a garage door that doesn’t work properly can be dangerous. You will need to put in a little more legwork to protect a garage door from salt exposure, but doing so means you can put off (or avoid) Long Beach garage door repair for a longer period of time.


If there’s one magic “tool” that can prolong your garage door’s lifespan, it is WD-40. This anti-rust agent stops the clock when it comes to garage door rust. All you need to do is spray your garage door’s working parts once every week or two in order to keep them sufficiently lubricated and prevent them from wearing out too soon.

Wash Your Car

It might initially sound strange, but washing your car can actually help you avoid unnecessary garage door repairs, at least for a longer period of time. Cars accumulate moisture when they’re exposed to the elements. When you park the car in the garage, that moisture gets transferred to the garage. In turn, it finds its way into the components of your garage door and can cause rust. If you’re planning to keep your car in the garage for more than a few days, make sure it is thoroughly washed and dried first.

Close the Garage Door

Keeping the garage door closed is sensible for retaining heat, cool air, and even for security reasons. However, it is also essential to keep the garage door closed if you want to avoid salt exposure. While it’s a good idea to get in the habit of keeping the garage door closed anyways, it’s especially important to keep it shut on humid days and nights when condensation accumulates.

Get the Right Door

While you can take measures to protect a garage door against rusting from salt exposure, the type of garage door you have can make a difference, too. A professional can help you choose a garage door that is designed to withstand the elements. A durable garage door will naturally hold up better and have a longer lifespan than one that’s not designed to endure the elements.

When it comes to protecting your garage door from salt and avoiding garage door repair, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Salt corrosion is best stopped before it begins. For tips and pointers on protecting your garage door from salt and humidity, be sure to contact a professional for advice.