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HVAC Upgrades for Your Garage

More often than not, home garage spaces are not built with the idea of cooling or heating them throughout the year. They are built to store your car and nothing else. However, more and more people are using the space to do more than just protect their cars. Some are building offices and workshops, to name a few. However, being inside one can be rather uncomfortable without the right type of HVAC system.

Tie in Your Current HVAC System With the Garage

If you’re living within a hot climate, a window A/C unit might not be enough to cool the entire space. Therefore, you are going to want to bring in the home’s cooling system into the space. First, you must have a garage that is attached to the home. If this is the case, you can easily tie the home’s current system to the garage. Now, if you do have extension springs on the sides of your garage, then you may need to replace them with torsion springs. This will allow you to utilize the sides of the garage walls to extend your system. Always contact a Long Beach garage door repair company to have this work done as tension springs can cause severe bodily harm when they snap.

Upgrades for Detached Garages

So let’s say you have a garage that is not attached to the home. Fortunately, there is a workaround for this obstacle. By attaching a ductless mini-split system air-conditioner onto the space, you are getting an effective air conditioning system for those hot summer months. What about the cold winters? If you live within a region that experiences extreme winters, you also have the option of installing a baseboard heater.