What to Expect With a Garage Door Tuneup

If there’s a lack of maintenance and care provided to your garage door then you can expect issues to develop over time. The garage door parts require attention from a professional throughout the year to ensure that everything continues to operate smoothly. When you schedule a garage door tuneup with a technician, it’s important to know what to expect when they arrive at your property.

Testing the Garage Door

The garage door technician will begin the tuneup by performing a test of the garage door to ensure that it’s operating correctly. They’ll check to see if any noises are present or if the door shakes when it opens and closes. The balance of the door will also be tested to determine if it can stay halfway open without slamming shut. The expert will even test the garage door opener, which includes the motor and belt or the chain. The electric eye sensors will also be tested to ensure that they detect items that are in their pathway.

A Visual Inspection

The tuneup will also include performing a visual inspection of all of the parts and mechanisms of the garage door to ensure that everything is in working order. The professional will check to see if any of the parts have worn down or become damaged, which will require that they be replaced. They may clean some of the debris off or lubricate the parts to improve the operation of the system. In particular, the chains and springs need to be lubricated with a silicone-based spray to increase their life span. If any major issues are detected during the inspection, the technician may recommend Long Beach garage door installation.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Part of the tuneup process will include replacing the weatherstripping that is present, which can allow pests and outside air into the garage. Over the years, the weatherstripping can become loose or damaged, which makes it necessary to install a new material that secures the building from outside elements.