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Using Your Garage Door for Security

Your garage door does not have to be a point of vulnerability in your home’s security line of defense. Instead, here is how you can use it to strengthen the protections surrounding your home.

Make it Smart

When you purchase the right equipment or find the right accessory for your garage door opener, you can turn your regular opener into a smart opener. This means that you can control your door no matter where you are. If you think that you may have forgotten to close it, you can send a signal from anywhere. You can also program it to give you alerts if certain things happen, like if it opens when you’re not home.

You Can Make Your Garage Door Your Front Door

When you have secured your door with the right technology, you can make it the primary point of entry to your home, knowing that you have made it safe. You can even allow one-time access to delivery people when you are not home for the day. This can provide security for your packages and allow you to not compromise the security of your front door. It can also help keep you and your family safer.


Your door can even be programmed to send you alerts as necessary that go directly to your smart phone. This can include notifications that someone has entered through the door. They can be equipped with sensors that act as their own home security system, securing this part of your home without the need for an expensive home security system. There are numerous apps that work in conjunction with your garage door to notify you when necessary. A Long beach garage door installation can help you get started on putting your new door into place.