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Will My Warranty Pay for My Garage Door Repair?

The garage door presents an interesting problem for many homeowners. While most parts of the house appliances are covered by a home warranty, the garage door and its associated hardware are not normally covered by default. You need to actually ask for coverage, and that extra coverage usually costs an extra premium. This means that when it comes down to garage door repair, most homeowners must rely on the warranty of the garage door. However, this means that they must also abide by the limitations of that warranty.

The Basics of the Garage Door Repair Warranty

As noted above, homeowners insurance will not always cover the garage door opener and its associated hardware, including the door itself. While the option does exist, that extra coverage usually costs an extra premium. Because of this, homeowners will commonly skip the extra coverage and rely on the warranty that comes with the garage door. A warranty will help cover the costs of some garage door repairs. As with insurance, there are limits, and to exceed those limits costs extra. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what the warranty covers.

It also needs to be kept in mind that a warranty comes with additional limitations. There are limits to what you can do to the garage door. If you happen to break those limitations, such as using the wrong brand of paint, then it may void the warranty. This makes the homeowner responsible for any garage door repair that happens to be needed. As the warranty is established at the time of the garage door installation, that is the best time to discuss what is covered and not covered by the warranty, and if there is a way to obtain additional coverage.

The Major Problems to Be Wary Of

First off, it needs to be recognized that the garage door is usually not covered by the home warranty. While homeowners insurance will cover damage to the home itself, a home warranty will cover problems with most appliances and systems within the house, such as the air conditioning, washers, and furnace. However, the garage door opener and any associated hardware are not. This means that you need to make sure that the garage door comes with a warranty. You also need to look at any limitations of the warranty.

Small Garage Door Components

Three things to look for in the warranty are the paint, springs, and wooden doors. Wooden doors are not usually covered for as long as metal doors; usually, it is one year compared to five. The springs and their associated hardware are other items to confirm. While they are normally covered for defects, they may not be covered for repairs. Which paint is used must be considered carefully as some manufacturers have very specific requirements for the paint and seal, and not following those requirements may void the warranty.

Garage Windows

Windows are a fun subject when it comes to warranties. They must be maintained by the homeowner. Even if they are covered by a warranty, it is easy to void their warranty for lack of maintenance. For example, while inherent flaws and other defects are covered, damage due to extreme weather is not covered. Also, using improper materials to clean the window can void the warranty. As such, if you do have windows as part of your garage door, pay careful attention to the warranty.

The Repair Technicians You Choose

Another issue to consider is using a different repair company. If a different garage door repair company is used than the one that originally installed the door, it may void the warranty, at least for the sections that were repaired. A separate warranty must be obtained for those sections. Yes, this applies to any repairs that you do yourself. If any repairs need to be made, it may be worth it to call in the original company. At the very least, they can update the warrantee information should something come up later with the section in question.

What Is Covered?

Obviously, a warranty comes with a lot of limitations that you need to be aware of at the time of your garage door installation. The key to keep in mind is that a warranty is not some promise of garage door repair whenever a problem develops; it is more a guarantee of good craftsmanship. The warranty covers any issues that develop due to defects in the material as well as any installation mistakes. This can cover anything from the installer using the wrong screws to an installer using the wrong measurements.

This means that when a problem develops, you need to determine the cause. If it is something that was caused by the installer, then the garage door repairs are likely to be covered by the warranty. Most companies will inspect the damage before they begin repairs. This helps to ensure that they were not responsible for the damage. In essence, the best companies will invoke the warranty themselves if they find that they are responsible. Be aware that you cannot trust the kindness of strangers. However, keep within the limits of the warranty as much as possible.

Ways to Avoid Invoking the Warranty

Suffice to say that it behooves you to work with a garage door company to avoid invoking the warranty. It may be great that it might protect you, but that also means you’ll face a period of inconvenience. Anything you can do to make it easier for them to get their work done is good; a clean workplace means that they can work without problems. Also, when they are finished, make sure that you inspect the garage door opener before they leave and ensure that it works. A little paranoia will prevent big problems later on.

Should something happen to the garage door, check first with your insurer. In some cases, damage to the door may be covered by your insurance, such as when a car backs into a closed garage door. Usually, it may be through your homeowners’ insurance, but your car insurance may be the stronger case. It should be noted that these are not likelihoods, just possibilities to look into should something happen to the garage door. For parents of teenage drivers, finding out these answers in advance could provide an extra level of comfort.

When it comes down to it, check the limitations of your warranty and try to stay within its limits. Garage door repairs are rarely cheap, and any action that puts you in danger of voiding that warranty needs to be carefully considered. Also, be advised that sometimes what may seem like savings at the time will end up costing more than the small amount you could have paid to avoid that cost. Ultimately, the warranty is your best friend when it comes to garage door repair, so do what you can do to honor it.