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Making Your Garage Door Repair Disability Friendly

Almost all of our homes have a garage. But did you know that many existing doors are unsuitable or safe for wheelchair users? Making your garage door disability-friendly is a relatively inexpensive way to add value, safety, and convenience to your home. If you are looking for independent and impartial advice on garage door repair or making your garage door disability-friendly, then you have landed in the right place. This article will give you everything you need to know about ensuring that your garage is secure and accessible.

Improve or Install New Sensors on Your Garage Door

Many older automatic openers have only one sensor mounted on the top of the door. A person in a wheelchair may not reach this sensor. Therefore, they cannot put their car close enough to open the door.

If you are worried about someone being injured if they accidentally walk into your garage door, then you can upgrade your sensors to detect movement and stop the door from closing.

You can also improve your sensor by installing a new one. It will ensure that the door opens regardless of someone’s location.

There are two types of sensors commonly used. A contact sensor is installed at the bottom of the door. An infrared sensor is mounted above the door. Both of these sensors will stop the door from closing if something or someone interrupts the beam of light.

Change the Mounting Location for Controls

The majority of garage controls are placed at head height. These controls typically have buttons for controlling the door and the air conditioning and lights. As you may have guessed, this can be a problem for someone who has a disability.

Consider lowering these garage controls so that everyone can use them in the future.

If you have a wall-mounted control, it can easily be moved to a more accessible spot. If you have a handheld remote, try placing it in a more accessible location for every person to reach.

Make Your Garage Door Smart

If you want to take your disability-friendly garage one step further, then you could consider making your garage door smart. Voice commands can control smart garage doors, and others operated remotely from an iPhone or Android device.

It allows you to open and close the door remotely and receive alerts if someone attempts to break in. Several different smart garage door systems are available on the market, and each has additional features. Ask your garage door repair professional for advice on the right one.

Place Automated Lighting

If you are spending a lot of time in your garage, installing some automated lighting is a good idea. It will make it easier for you to see what you’re doing and provide a measure of safety.

When a motion sensor detects movement, automated lighting turns on. This provides a safer surface for persons who cannot see clearly or might otherwise find it challenging to manage the lights.

If you are considering automated lighting, there are many types available on the market. These include solar-powered lights that can be placed outside your garage, motion-activated lights that come on when you enter the room, and overhead LED strip lighting installed in various locations around your garage.

Install a Ramp to the Garage Door

If you don’t want to go to the expense of installing an automatic opener, then consider installing a ramp. It provides wheelchair users with an easy way of getting in and out of your garage. They won’t need to worry about stairs or steep inclines.

When choosing a ramp, make sure it’s long enough to cover the entire width of your garage door opening. If it’s too short, then people will have to use their strength to push the wheelchair up the remaining distance. This can prove difficult for some. You should also find a ramp with a non-slip surface so that wheelchairs don’t get stuck.

Add an Automatic Garage Door Opener for Those With Limited Mobility

Is your garage designed to open automatically? If not, an automatic system will be required, with the remote control positioned at a level easily accessible for a person in a wheelchair. You will need to relocate the power if you do already have an automatic garage door.

If you are in the market for a new garage door, be sure that you go for an automatic system so it will open when needed without any help from someone inside or outside of the home. You’ll also want to ensure the remote control is easily accessible and forward-facing

Creating ADA-Compliant Signage

If you have gone to the trouble of making your garage disability-friendly, it is an excellent idea to let people know! One way of doing this is by creating some ADA-compliant signage so that those who are disabled know they’re welcome in your garage.

This signage can be placed near your garage door or driveway entrance and will let everyone know that your garage is open to those who need it.

You can find pre-made ADA signs on various websites, or if you have some design skills, you could always create your own. Make sure that whatever you choose is straightforward to read for the visually impaired.

Garage Door Repair to Add Mobility

One of the most important things to consider when making your home more disability-friendly is your garage door. Garage doors can be challenging to get in and out of, but there are many upgrades you can make to improve accessibility. You must make sure it is disability-friendly and easy to use so that any family member or friend can come and go as they please.

Making your garage doors in Long Beach disability-friendly can be a big help to those who are struggling with everyday tasks. By installing sensors, changing the mounting location for controls, investing in smart garage door installation, placing automated lighting, and adding an automatic garage opener, you can make life a lot easier for wheelchair users or have limited mobility. And do not forget about creating some ADA-compliant signage – this will let everyone know that your garage is open to those in need.