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How to Burglar-Proof a Garage

Your garage, unfortunately, can act as an easy entry point for would-be burglars. This is because garages usually have multiple entry points, and often, we don’t think about securing our garages as much as we secure the rest of your houses. You can easily burglar-proof a garage by following the simple steps that are laid out below.

Garage Door Opener

The easiest way to burglar-proof a garage is to never leave your garage door opener in your car. Although this is a generally convenient practice that most people do, it really is a bad idea. A thief only needs to break into your car, grab the remote, and then they have easy access to not only your garage but the rest of your home as well.

Burglar-proof a Garage and its Windows and Doors

One of the best ways to secure a garage is to make sure that you are securing the entryways other than the garage door itself. You always want to keep your outside garage doors locked and secured. It’s also a good idea to place a bright light over outside doors so that any would-be thieves will be illuminated if trying to enter that way.

Additionally, you want to keep windows locked, but you also want to keep garage windows covered as well. Usually, thieves will scope out a place before breaking in, and if they can easily see inside your garage and get a sense of what is inside, they are more likely to take the risk, especially if they spot expensive equipment or items.

Secure the Emergency Release

Many garage doors have an emergency release, which is located inside the door, and this needs to be secured. Thieves can go under the garage door and cut the wire on the emergency release, allowing them to raise the garage door.

Get a Repair to Burglar-Proof a Garage

If you have a broken garage door that won’t close all the way or that has issues that make it easily accessible, then you want to immediately hire a Long Beach garage door repair service. You never want to make it easy for would-be thieves to enter your garage and possibly your house, so you must make sure your garage door is closing and opening without any issues.