How to Choose the Right Garage Door Material

Although most garage doors operate the same, they’re not all created equal with their construction and durability. The materials used to construct each door influences its lifespan and how well it can hold up in different weather conditions. If you want to choose the right garage door material for your residential property, it’s important to learn the best options.


Steel garage doors are incredibly durable and are also economical, which makes them a popular choice in the industry. Homeowners often favor them because they can mimic the style of wood garage doors and can be painted to prevent rust from forming. The doors are also insulated well to fight sound, wind, and temperature infiltration throughout the year, which can minimize how much is spent on energy bills.

Aluminum is also an option that is lighter than steel and can mimic the design of painted wood. It’s also highly resistant to dents and rust, which can allow it to look upscale and maintain its appearance over time.


Those who want the look of wood but need a high level of durability with their garage door can consider selecting fiberglass. The material is favored because it’s affordable and can withstand insects and moisture, which allows it to have a longer lifespan. Fiberglass is also less prone to warping compared to wood, which is ideal in both wet and warm climates and also means you’ll need fewer Long Beach garage door repair work.


Wood continues to be one of the most common types of materials used on garage doors due to its rich appearance that is luxurious and classy. There are a variety of different grain patterns and textures available, which provides homeowners with more options. The material can even be carved, milled, painted, and stained to ensure you can select a door that is specific to the style and design of your house and doesn’t look similar to other garage doors on the block.