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It’s not easy finding professional garage technicians to install or repair your garage doors in Long Beach. However, at Precision Door of Long Beach, we offer new garage doors and repair services. Here are some of the garage services we offer and the reasons why our garage technicians stand out!

Long Beach Garage Service: Garage Door Installation

When getting new garage doors in Long Beach, you should first determine your needs. Are you looking to upgrade due to aesthetics? Or is it for reasons of functionality and security? By narrowing down your needs, you can make better choices.

Our garage technicians can help you set a budget. For example, we can inspect your home to see if you are placing your garage doors next to a structure with bricks, sidings, or siding. We can also help you explore the styles, features, and materials you want.

Contact Precision Door of Long Beach if you want to get accurate measurements of your garage. By having a professional garage technician measure your garage space, you will be assured of a proper fit.

Insulation is an important factor when choosing a garage door. If you work in your garage, insulation is more important than if it’s just a space to park your cars.

Once you get a quote from a professional garage company, you can now go ahead and schedule the installation. Our garage technicians will tell you how to prepare your garage. This can include clearing out your belongings and finding another temporary space for your cars.

Once our garage technicians install your new garage doors in Long Beach, they will test them to ensure they work properly.

Our Garage Door Designer

One of the reasons our garage technicians in Long Beach stand out is because of the unique services we offer. When you choose new doors with us, we guide you through the following:

Panel Design Options

Our garage technicians offer a variety of panel design options, such as short panels, ribbed panels, long panels, and flush panels. Our panels are minimalist and clean. Flush panels, for example, have a smooth flat surface and can blend with different architectural styles.

You can also select classic designs, such as Livingston, Thornbury, Sheffield, Verwood, Newhaven, Camden, and more.

Window Options

Once you have selected your panel design, we can help you select windows. Here are the window options for garages:

• Rectangular Windows: If you want a classic look, you can choose rectangular windows. We can place them vertically or horizontally. You can also choose single-pane or double-pane windows.

• Square Windows: An alternative to rectangular windows are square windows. You can have our technicians place them in a grid pattern or individually.

• Arched Windows: Arched windows are particularly elegant, and you can mix them with other styles or place them on their own.

• Round Windows: Round windows, or porthole windows, are a unique choice. These windows can be a great choice if you have a contemporary or modern architectural style.

• Frosted/Decorative Glass: This type of glass allows natural light in while obscuring a perfect view into the garage. Choose this type of glass if you desire privacy.

• Tinted Glass: If you use your garage as a workspace, you may want tinted glass. This reduces the amount of harmful UV rays entering your garage space.

• Full-Length Windows: Some homeowners like to use their garage space for different purposes, such as an extra room. In this case, you may want full-length windows to allow in as much light as possible.

Handle Options

Handles may not seem like a big deal, but the right handles can contribute to the overall design of your garage doors. Here are some options to consider:

• Decorative Handles: Decorative handles offer that little touch of design and are often for visual appeal. They can come in wrought iron, metal, or even plastic.

• Pull Handles: A pull handle is usually large and lets you manually open and close your garage doors. You can talk to us about the different shapes, sizes, or finishes. We have straight, looped, or even curved handles.

• Ring Pulls: Our ring pull choices let you grip the handle better when you want to open or close the garage door. You can get ring pulls in bronze, brass, and more.

• Integrated Handles: These handles are built into the design of the garage door so that you get a seamless look. Often, these handles are the same material as the panels.

• Custom Handles: If you enjoy interior design, you may want a customized garage door handle. Our Precision garage door designer is happy to work with you on the details.

Hinge Options

Hinges allow the garage door to move smoothly and efficiently. We offer a variety of hinges:

• Standard Hinges: Standard hinges are the most popular. They are made from metals like aluminum or steel, and they come in different sizes.

• Decorative Hinges: These kinds of hinges are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. You can get hinges in bronze, wrought iron, and more.

• Strap Hinges: Strap hinges are typically larger and sturdier, and they are made from metals such as iron or steel. If you want a rustic look to your garage door, strap hinges are a good choice.

• Continuous Hinges: These hinges cover the full length of your garage door, and they are designed to distribute the door’s weight evenly. If functionality is your priority, these doors are a good option as they offer stability and durability.

• Self-Closing Hinges: If you’re worried that you may accidentally leave your garage door open overnight, you can purchase self-closing hinges. These are designed with a mechanism that automatically closes the garage door after you open it.

Long Beach Garage Door Repair Services

Besides installing new garage doors, we can also repair your garage doors in Long Beach. Repair services for garage doors can be extensive, and we’re proud to have years of experience in this area. Our garage repair services include:

• Parts & Accessories: Some of the garage door parts and accessories that we offer include extension springs, torsion springs, rollers, cables, pulleys, center bearings, hinges, center bearing brackets, and end bearing brackets.

• Broken Spring Replacement: Since garage door springs are used daily, they can eventually break or wear out. Our garage technicians in Long Beach can replace your broken springs to ensure your door works smoothly. They will first determine the size and type of springs you need before starting the repair job. We offer extension springs and torsion springs.

• Cable and Roller Repair/Replacement: The cables and rollers on a garage door lift and lower the door smoothly. Over time, these cables and rollers can become loose or damaged. Rollers come in different sizes, and a professional garage technician can help you determine what your garage door needs. We offer steel and nylon rollers in different sizes.

• Garage Door Opener Repair: Garage doors should open and close without making much noise. If your garage door suddenly starts making a lot of noise, something is wrong. One of the first things our garage technicians will do is lubricate the parts to see if that reduces the noise. They will also check the balance as unbalanced garage doors can be noisy. Make sure to call a professional if you hear any squeaking, grinding, or rattling noises.

• Doors That Are Off Track: If your garage door tracks are damaged or warped, it can cause problems with the door’s movement. Our garage technicians can either realign them or replace them.

• Panel Repair/Replacement: Panels can be dented or damaged if a car ran into them, something large hit them, or a deer ran into them. We can inspect your panels to determine the severity of the damage. We can then recommend an affordable solution.

• Sensor Adjustment/Replacement: If you are having an issue with your sensor, our garage technicians can determine what the problem is. It may be a wiring problem or a minor repair issue. We can also let you know if the sensor needs to be replaced.

• Maintenance and Safety Inspections: We offer a 25-point inspection to ensure your garage door is not only safe but that it’s working properly as well. We provide a visual inspection, we lubricate moving parts with a silicone-based spray, and we perform a balance test to make sure the door is opening and closing with ease.

Get New Garage Doors in Long Beach!

Getting new garage doors can be pricey as well as complicated. Our job is to help make that process easier. We can guide you through every step and help you make excellent decisions. We offer garage door repair services, too. Contact Precision Door of Long Beach to schedule an appointment for any Long Beach garage service you may need.